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Key species

Barred Warbler 
Black Stork 
Black Woodpecker 
Collared Flycatcher 
Eagle Owl 
Great Grey Owl 
Grey-headed Woodpecker 
Hazel Hen (Hazel Grouse) 
Lesser Spotted Eagle 
Middle Spotted Woodpecker 
Pygmy Owl 
Red-backed Shrike 
Red-breasted Flycatcher 
Tengmalm''s Owl 
Three-toed Woodpecker 
Thrush Nightingale 
White-backed Woodpecker 

Bialowieza Primeval Forest


It is the last, most natural forest complex of the lowlands in the whole Europe. A pearl among the woodlands of the Old Continent! In central part of the forest has been estabilished the Bialowieski National Park, part of which is under strict preservation. The Park has been declared by UNESCO a World Biosphere Reserve and put on the World Heritage List.

The place is wonderful, thanks to protection for centuries as the best hunting area of Polish kings and Russian tsars. The age of magnificient treestands are over 150-200 years. A lot of trees have really impressive size, shape and age - highest spruces, limes and oaks are over 50m high and oldest oaks are over 400 years. These huge trees and a lot of decaying trunks lying on the ground gives a realistic feeling of ancient, unspoiled nature.

Ecotourism is allowed in the Park only in organised groups, guided only by licensed guides. In the area of strict preservation only one, 4km walking trail is available for visitors. Most of the roads in the forest have limited access for cars. Anyway - except the Park and several small reserves- quite big of the area is open for entry. There are numerous dirt roads and paths.

The most well known attraction of the Park is European Bison, that was reintroduced there in 1929 (last wild European Bisons extincted in Bialowieza in 1919). Other mammals include: Deer, Wolf, Lynx and Beaver. The Park is also a site for numerous research projects conducted by scientists from all over the world. 



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