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Key species

Aquatic Warbler 
Little Bittern 
Red-breasted Flycatcher 
River Warbler 
Savi''s Warbler 
White-tailed Eagle 

Szczecin Lagoon


Placed by the mouth of the Odra river, in Zachodnie Pomorze region. Located on the main bird migration route leading along the Baltic coast. Part of this bird refuge lies within the border of Polands first marine national park - Wolin National Park (with Read-breasted flycatcher).

One of the most valuable lands for birds in Poland with huge importance as a wintering place for water birds. Also an important moulting site for ducks, which fly here in thousands of flocks during the summer in order to moult. For example Goosander can number 50,000 during the winter, and Pochard often number around 100,000 during the summer. The lagoon is very wide, so the birds cannot be stressed to much.

The habitats of Szczecin Lagoon is built from a widely open waters with a chain of dozen muddy islands and islets separated by channels. Changing water flow and water levels periodically flood them, particularly when northern winds move a seawater back into lagoon. The islands were formed from peatbogs and halophilous plants. There are also old growth forests along the coast, the most valuable ones are beech forests with structure very close to natural ones.
The area is worth visit thanks to a good number of some local specailities: Aquatic Warbler, Bearded Tit, Savi's Warbler (at Delta Swina river) Grasshopper and River Warblers (Swiniec Valley), Garganey, Shoveler, Gadwall, Rosefinch (Struskie Marshes) and numerous White-tailed Eagle. During migration many flocks of Anseriformes and Charadrii can be meet here.

Particularly important spots for visit are Delta of river Swina, Swiniec valley, Utopisko, Gardzka Kepa & Adamowa Islands or Row Peninsula, as well as Rozwarowo and Struskie Marshes. Other places of our interests include wet meadows nearby Miedzywodzie, Chrzaszczewo, Dusino, Jarzebowo and Skoszewo. The Drainage Settlement Fields of the Chemical Factory near Police city is probaly the northernmost European breeding place of Little Bittern, wiht about 3-5 breed pairs.



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