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Warta River Mouth


Warta River Mouth is one of the most important wetland habitats in central Europe. The delta of Warta river is a truly magnificent bird sanctuary.

On 2001 the region was designated as Warta Mouth National Park, and covers about 8 000ha. The largest part of the Park is occupied by rush-bulrush communities, dominated by water-manna grass and reed canary-grass. Herbaceous-meadow and pasture assemblages are overgrown with meadow foxtail, purple-loosestrife, and marsh marigold. Plenty of channels and old river beds. The river splits the area into its southern part (the former Slonsk Nature Reserve) and the northern part - so called Northern Polder. Unique wetlands, widespread meadows and pasture lands are the most important mainstays for water and shore birds.

Warta Mouth is one of the most valuable areas in Poland as ornithology is concerned. Target birds include a lot ducks, cranes, geese and terns during spring and autumn migrations.

There are only few tourist trails located in the Park, however they do exist. The trails are for pedestrians and bicyclists. 



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