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Key species

Aquatic Warbler 
Black Grouse 
Black Kite 
Black Stork 
Black Tern 
Eagle Owl 
Golden Oriole 
Great Reed Warbler 
Great Snipe 
Lesser Spotted Eagle 
Little Crake 
Montagu''s Harrier 
Red-backed Shrike 
Red-crested Pochard 
Savi''s Warbler 
Short-eared Owl 
Spotted Eagle (Greater) 
Steppe Eagle 
Thrush Nightingale 
White-tailed Eagle 
White-winged Black Tern 

Biebrza Marshes


Biebrza valley is widely known as the largest marshes in Europe. Most of the Biebrza River basin (59 223ha) has been given under the strict protection. The Biebrza National Park established on northern and middle basins is the largest National Park in Poland.

The slowly meandering Biebrza river is one of the very few European rivers, which throughout the passage of time has kept all of its natural quality. It is a really unspoilt wildlife sanctuary and a paradise for both, ornithologists and birds. It has sedge marshes stretching as far as your eye can see giving a stunning views, birch-thickets and alders, acres of reedbeds, wet meadows and peatbogs.

Early spring gives excellent opportunities to watch migratory birds during Biebrza''s flooding season. Every spring (mostly March/Appril or May) the river floods and most of the area seems to be a shallow lake with geese of a thousand flocks, whooper, mute and Bevick''s swans, cranes, widgeons, pintails and many waders and waterfowls can be easily observed while stopping over here. The most well known target rarities of the area are Aquatic Warbler (about 2000 pairs) and Great Snipe (about 450 lekking males). Biebrza is also considered to be one of the best places in Europe for raptors that can be anywhere seen here. Especially eagles: White-tailed, Golden and Greater Spotted Eagle but Booted and Short-toed as well.

The length of the Park is about 100km but public transportation is very bad in whole Biebrza''s valley so it is really hard to move through the valley without a car. Public buses are rare even in the areas of high visitor interest. The more so, car access for birders in the Park is mostly limited to few local roads. There are some hiking trails (usually very muddy, so remember to wear rubber shoes and use repellent against mosquitos), bicycle or kayak trials but expect to walk quite a few kilometers to visit the best spots. Prior to entering the Park, tickets must be bought and groups can enter the Park only guided by licensed guide. 



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