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Key species

Aquatic Warbler 
Black Stork 
Great Reed Warbler 
Great Snipe 
Lesser Spotted Eagle 
Little Bittern 
Little Crake 
Montagu''s Harrier 
Thrush Nightingale 
White-winged Black Tern 

Middle Narew River Valley


Very attractive and unique, yet not so widely known marshy valley of the Narew River (also known as "Polish Amazonca"), part of which is protected being the Narwianski National Park.

There is no such meandering lowland river in Europe. What makes the river unique, is the labarynth of the hundreds of backwaters and channels (1-30m wide) created for centuries by the river. Whole valley looks like a one big set of swamps and small marshy islands. Chanels that cross each other, create a kind of net where it is very easy to get lost. Even people who live there and pass the river everyday on their boats, they do markings (coloured ribbons left on reeds) to protect themselves from getting lost in this labarynth.

The river floods on every spring, covering surronding meadows with water for many weeks. This is the best season to watch flocks of migrating ruffs, geese, ducks, swans and marsh warblers as well.

This wonderful wilderness is covered by many reedbeds and willow shrubs, so there is a lot of interesting birds that breed here (including pintails and wigeons). All of these makes the area an important birds refuge and excellent birding hotspot, especially for rails, crakes waders, ducks and marsh terns. 



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