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  What do birders say about Poland...?

  Act before everything is gone...

Act before everything is gone...

Imagine yourself watching hundreds of birds in peaceful and virgin surrounding untouched by human's hand. Widely flooded meadows, fabulous swamps, endless marshes and primeval forests with +600 years old trees that have never felt an axe!

Poland is one of the very last countries in Europe, where landscape is still remarkably unspoilt by intensive industrialization. There are numbers of large and 100% natural habitats what makes them absolutely unique in Europe.

Poland country is hughe, has long Baltic coast on the north and high mountains (Carpathian) on the south, with thousands of lakes, pastures, meadows and old riverine forests among them. Across Poland flow some of the largest European lowland rivers (Vistula, Odra, Bug, Narew, Warta) that flood widely every spring. The rivers have created a lot of backwaters, bushy islands and sandy beaches that are fulfiled with birds.

Almost 430 bird species have been recorded already in Poland. It is not only a home for Great Snipe, Aquatic Warbler and rare raptors, but also all ten European woodpeckers breed here, as well as four flycatchers, Hazelhen, Black Grouse etc. Every extincted or endangered in western Europe bird can still be easily observed in Poland in their 100% natural and wild environment. There are also many regions rich in mammals very scarce (if not extincted) in most of western Europe: Wolf, Elk (Moos), European Bison, Lynx, Brown Bear, Beaver and Marten - just to name a few.

Due to the years of extensive agriculture and its very poor development birds find there excellent conditions for living. All non-urban areas and traditionaly worked farmlands are teemed with birds. Do not be surprised when White-tailed or other eagles would be the most frequently seen raptors in some regions or White Storks that breed in almost every village as a one of the most common bird of Poland. Birding in Poland is like a step back in time, especially as most of the Polish villages still look like those in 19th century.

This is how Poland does look today - a really great country for birds and birders! And it is the last moment to see this beauty before it is gone wasted by EU agriculture policy...


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