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  What do birders say about Poland...?

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What do birders say about Poland...?

After joining EU, Poland has rapidly gained international popularity among birders. No borders, no more special visa requirements - it is as simple as visiting any European country. And only 2hrs from London by an airplane!

Derek Scott: Top birding destination in Europe!!!
In recent years, Poland has gained the reputation of being one of the top birding destinations in Europe. The justification for this reputation soon became apparent. Not only was the birding excellent (we built up a total of 162 species in little more than six days in the field), but the standards of accommodation and food have been vastly improved.

Gerard Gorman: Poland is a great country for birds and birders!
There are vast marshes, dense coniferous and deciduous forests, a long coastline, thousands of lakes, old riverine forests, high mountains, and mile after mile of traditionally worked farmlands.

Ignaas Robbe: Birding in Poland is a must for every European birder!
There is a big variety of species and different species which have become scarce in Western Europe, can still be seen here in good numbers.


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